Solitude: Collections from an amateur poet


Friends come and friends go,

All the memories leave in a flow.

Now I know how victims feel 

when the bullies push and threat to kill.

Nobody to protect them; they’re all alone.

But friends will sit and moan and moan.

Then when they move and leave you behind,

You have nothing to do and can only hide.

That lonely feeling which makes you remember,

The laughter and love that you thought would last forever.

And now I’m sitting here all alone,

Nobody to hug, to sit with or moan.

Third Wheel 
They look into one another’s eyes, I watch.
They look at one another like stars in the night, I watch.
They sit so close and touch and flirt 
whilst making love. I feel like dirt.
He loves her, she loves him.
They’re an irreversible chemical reaction,
A diamond that cannot be destroyed.
They love each other. They love each other.
He wants her more than he wants me,
They laugh, they cry, they argue, they cuddle.
He doesn’t do that with me. Not anymore.
He knows how I feel
when I see them.
Jealousy, anger, betrayal
He knows how I feel
when I see him.
He is my kryptonite, these feelings that I can’t fight.
I love him.
She scolds me; she hates me,
though the feeling is mutual between us.
She doesn’t feel a speck of guilt when they make love in front of me.
She loves him, I know.
But what’s not to love about him,
My husband.

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