It rained today

This poem was displayed at ‘Displaced’ – an exhibition at University College London, showing the never before heard stories of the Sri Lankan civil war. 

It rained today. 

I ran outside as I heard its gentle drumming on the roof of my home. I admired those rare dark grey clouds; a bewilderment of emotions, so peaceful yet so terrorising.

I stuck out my hand and watched as perfectly formed droplets splashed against my palm in an uneven tempo. The rain had bought refreshment for the animals and comfort for the villagers.

It rained today. 

Not like any other. A deafening roar from planes above. Panic waved across the streets. Hysteria within the animals. Neighbours screaming ‘Run Inside!. Hide. 

It rained today. 

Not like any other. A metallic thunder pounding on my roof. Over my streets. 

We run into the depths of our homes. Running before its too late. 

But it got her. They got to her. Now a martyr, a number added to hundreds. Thousands.

She lays very still. My mother lays motionless. 

It rained today,

As I watched her burn before my eyes,

as I watched her ashes swimming away from me. Escaping.

The actions of my people infuriate me from the inside throughout. I want to fight.

But I stand here, shell shocked. 

It stopped raining today.

Over. The suffering is over. The sun emerges through the clouds.

A silver lining. A new beginning. 

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