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Supposedly, this could’ve been my first ‘Mum, I’ve made it’ moment, or not quite since I never actually told her. Last December, I was chosen to be on episode one of ‘First’. A podcast dedicated to your first time experiencing something as a teenager. This is how I recall my experience:

As I walked into the recording studio on Great Portland street, I felt as nervous as ever. I had never opened up to people about my relationships before, and now it was to be broadcast for the entire nation to listen and relate to.

The producer introduced me to the host and the other two people I’d be sharing the show with. This made me relieved on one hand but I soon realised that more people would be watching me talk as we were recording. This unnerved me a little; the only way to calm myself down was by taking deep breathes and eating many of the mince pies that were on offer at the table.

Stomachs filled, we were taken downstairs to a series of corridors which lead to different recording rooms. The studio was exactly how I imagined; through a triple sound-proofed door lead a small room with a large round table. On top of which were a series of microphones connected to gigantic noise cancelling headphones. Behind me was a tinted window which took up the entire width of the wall. This would be where the producer and technician would sit behind, talking to us through our headphones and saying things such us ‘Can you repeat that?’ or ‘Slow down’. (The intimacy was real).

I was still quite nervous when the recording started, but I slowly began to find my place in the conversation as the recording started. The topic was about my first heartbreak, a story I knew off the back of my hand. Even though I was way out of my comfort zone, in the end I realised that it’s easier to talk about something you already know as there is always so much to say. Now time to record the next episode.

You can listen to ‘First’ on:

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