The rise and fall of Nintendo

Nintendo actually started off as a company which specialised in just playing cards until one of its Japanese owners decided to make games consoles. The colour TV 6 was released in 1977, shortly followed by the game boy in 1989. The most famous of all and most successful to take however, was the Nintendo DS (2004) next to the Wii in 2006.

Now when I was growing up, the latter two consoles defined your social status at school.

‘What colour do you have’ (black, of course),

‘What games do you have?’

Best of all we would have toy day; an afternoon at the end of the school year where the entire class would huddle around the reading corner, backs humped and eyes fixated onto the screen of Chatroom A. There was always that one kid who would be drawing phallic objects, and the rest of us would try to remove is off the screen as fast as possible in case the teacher walked by.

The DS was the most entertaining device I ever owned back then. It did not require internet and it was mobile, meaning my childhood mainly consisted of me, my Sim, cooking mama and Mario.

I stopped playing, however, after the age of 12 and my console remained neglected for the next six years. When I was 18, my best friend started the DS craze in my school – where we reminisced and replayed old childhood favourites. We went back to playing Mario kart during every spare time and it almost turned into the scene of the old reading corner – except this time with 15 teenagers, fighting it out to see who was best at drifting.

Over the years, Nintendo have come out with revolutionary consoles – but of course some have missed the mark every once in a while. The 3DS was meant top be the new upgrade. Instead, it made everyone feel quite nauseous whilst playing some of the games. Then came the Wii U which sold only 13 million hardware units, compared to the original Wii which sold 101 million in the first year.

In 2018, Nintendo released the switch. The sleek, modern and colourful version of the Nintendo DS and Wii combined. The Joycons being made to absolute ergonomic perfection, accessible for all ages and capable of doing single and multiplayer games on one console. It’s the DS of the younger generation, and really won’t be letting them any time soon.

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