Get the f*** away from me

I, like millions of others, am going to be trapped in my own home for possibly the next few months. I know I’ll be fine – you see, I am the master of self distancing and my bedroom has always been my isolation station. Perhaps this entrapment will make me start hanging out with my family downstairs – Oh wait… no, it hasn’t.

We all should have seen the virus coming. It was written in every fictional book – coincidence or not, it was still a possibility. Margaret Atwood said ‘History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes’, which is true. Here we are, obeying authoritarian orders, locked in our homes with no freedom of movement, rationing our food and slowly turning back into the selfish animals we once were. This whole thing is very dystopian; the incompetency of the current government shining through, mass hysteria, and the collapse of a rising society.

About 6 months ago, I read ‘Station 11’ by Emily St John Mandel. It described the collapse of society overnight. Billions died from a flu, and the remaining lived the rest of their lives in fear. I used to say ‘Station 11’ was exaggerated, but now I think otherwise. Eventually, when we run out of food, we’ll be scavengers. It’ll turn into sin city – stealing, killing, losing a sense of morality because all you are doing is surviving.

If you haven’t stocked up already, do so now. Help the vulnerable around you. Daily televised news from the Prime Minster won’t help you survive. Learn to ration, practice yoga, medicate. The internet will get slower, perhaps we’ll even get power cuts from time to time. Remember, this is a war. Eat cleanly, exercise and don’t lose your sense of morality. Most importantly, don’t lose hope.

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